KEYC - Food Friday: Inspire Health and Wellness

Food Friday: Inspire Health and Wellness

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MANKATO-- Inspire Health and Wellness focuses on showing the various healthier options out here. With it getting cold out, opting to stay home for a nice self-made dinner may not be a bad idea. 

Owner Tina McClain said after she lost 100 pounds about eight years, she became a Diet Wellness Coach.  

" Recently just finished a college degree in life coaching, and working on my masters for that, along with writing that book," said McClain. 

" We do the grab and bake at home meals, and the meal prep classes."

Inspire Health and Wellness offers fun meal prep classes, where locals came in to prepare five delicious and nutritious meals. The meals are enough for four to six people for five nights.

The class gives time to prep food, while having fun with friends, some even make it a girl's night.

Each individual was given a yellow " Inspire Health and Wellness bag," to take their food home. 

"The nice part of ours is there is no carbs in any of the stuff that we just did," said McClain.

"Everything is seasoned and spiced with actual spices, not sugar and anything gluten, or fake or dextrose whatever." 

McClain said she has compared her services to similar ones, and found that her services were much cheaper than others. 

The class instructor said her class is loads of fun and she invites everyone to give it a try. 

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