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Mankato Clinic Aims to Build Community and Better Health at Forum

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(MANKATO, Minn) - Women around Mankato are learning what it means to "be well." Volunteerism is this year's focus at the Mankato Clinic's Women's Health Forum.
"It's really about connection, it's about building relationships, it's about being part of something bigger than yourself," said Ceceli Polzin of Mankato Clinic. "And it creates a sense of well-being."
Attendees of tonight's event had a chance to speak with different nonprofit organizations to learn more about how they can volunteer and what it means for the community.

"A lot of our volunteers say they volunteer to help somebody else but in the end they actually get almost more of it back because they're enriching their life as well," said Jen Wunderlich of VINE Adult Community Center. "They're learning something new with an individual that they haven't known of before."
"These events are great just to give women awareness. Medical literature is constantly changing, things are constantly evolving as far as screening tests, other things that are available," said Dr. Scott Barnacle of Mankato Clinic.  "I think these forums are really nice just to keep women engaged in their health."
Many of the event-goers know the difficulty of getting in shape, physically and mentally.
"It takes a lot. I have a Masters in Exercise Physiology, it talks about behaviors, family support, friend support; if you don't have that you're not going to do it," said Ker Lor who attended Tuesday's event. "In order for you do that you have to have support, and actually have the initiative to do it, and the resources."

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