KEYC - Farmers Anticipate Battle With Big Oil Following Proposed E15 Ba

Farmers Anticipate Battle With Big Oil Following Proposed E15 Ban Reversal

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(CLAREMONT, Minn.) - President Donald Trump took a huge stand behind corn-based ethanol, asking the EPA to reverse its restrictions on the year-round sale of E15 gasoline.

Authorized under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Congress created the renewable fuel standard program to only allow the sale of E15, fuel made of 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline, available for sale nine months out of the year. Its use in the summer months is currently banned as it can produce more smog.
"Hopefully it'll just increase ethanol demand and ethanol usage which in turn raises corn usage and hopefully helps out with our commodity prices," Blooming Prairie farmer and Minnesota Corn Research and Promotion Board member, Brennan Toquam said.
This will most likely provoke a battle with the oil industry...
"The oil industry is a huge lobbying effort, the American Petroleum Institute, they're going to fight tooth and nail to keep their market share we knew we are facing an uphill battle, but today is a big win to have," Toquam added.
... and a win for motorists.
"They'll see 88 and 87, 88 usually cheaper, I've seen it as much as 25 cents cheaper than 87. It's a higher octane fuel, it's safe to run in every vehicle that was made after 2001," Toquam said.
Despite what the President declared Tuesday, the move still requires an EPA decision which farmers hope will be in effect by 2019.

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