KEYC - Karin Housley Comments on Kavanaugh Confirmation

Karin Housley Comments on Kavanaugh Confirmation

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Republican candidate for one of Minnesota's US Senate seats Karin Housley stopped by KEYC News 12's studio Tuesday to give her thoughts on Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation. Housley addressed the seriousness of sexual harassment and assault accusations made by Dr. Christine Ford, saying that all allegations need to be heard. 

She called actions by Democrats during the confirmation process quote: "playing politics and all about power."

Housley also called her opponent Tina Smith's campaigning for Keith Ellison "hypocritical" amid Ellison's own allegations of domestic abuse of a former girlfriend.

"They got seven FBI investigations of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, he's more than qualified," said Housley. "I'm glad that he was confirmed because he is definitely more than qualified, he has an impeccable resume. It's very hypocritical of the Democrats to do that and it's very disappointing because that's not Minnesota values."
The midterm election is Tuesday, November 6. Tina Smith, serving in the U.S. Senate since January, was appointed by Gov. Dayton after Al Franken resigned the post amid sexual harassment allegations.

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