KEYC - Heartland Senior Living Breaks Ground on Two New Facilities

Heartland Senior Living Breaks Ground on Two New Facilities

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Southern Minnesota -

Southern Minnesota--In Winnebago and Wells, two new buildings will provide 32 additional units for senior living. After a study, these communities have been chosen to suit the needs of their aging populations.
"We don't want to have people have to move a long ways from where their families and friends are." said Bill Erickson, board president of Heartland Senior Living, "We want a place here locally that they can move to and get the care they need yet it's still close by the family and friends."

Assisted living allows for independence but also has the additional care that is needed later in life. Most people bring their own belongings and it almost has an apartment feel. Much different than the nursing homes of decades past.

"It's a homier atmosphere, so you can go sit in your friend's sitting room or in the dining room. There's great opportunity for interaction." said Erickson.

Both buildings will have new living rooms to allow for socializing, not just with other residents but with the staff as well.

"Most of the staff are local people and in many cases the staff are people the residents have known much of their lives." Erickson said.

Half of the 20 rooms in the Wells building will be dedicated to memory care, whose residents are still mobile but will also need to stay safe. Yet is allows them to stimulate their mind by communicating with other people.

"Loneliness is often harder on us that we often times acknowledge. One of the really positive things with moving into assisted living or a nursing facility is that now you're around people all of the time." Erickson said,  "Yes you've got your own space. You can get away, but you're not eating your meals alone. You have an opportunity to interact with other people."

The projects are funded by a USDA Loan. After all the talk leading up to the groundbreaking, they are glad the moment is finally here.

"We finally got there. So today is a really big day for all of us to see that this is actually going to happen." concluded Erickson.

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