KEYC - The 507 Food Truck Switches Gears to Storefront Location

The 507 Food Truck Switches Gears to Storefront Location

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MANKATO--  Popular and local food truck "The 507" expanded its business, setting up a brick and mortar location in downtown Mankato that is now open to customers.

Owner Steve Wegman switched gears from running a food truck, to operating the newest downtown restaurant.

Wegman said the decision came from a general conversation about two months ago. 

"About 8 weeks ago we started demolishing the building we're in, took everything out and yesterday we opened the 507 downtown Mankato," said Wegman. 

Wegman  also owns "Weggy's on Campus" near Minnesota State University - Mankato.

He said as the seasons change, he knows they will have plenty to do.

"The food truck is getting ready to go to bed for the winter, fall," said Wegman.

He said regardless, they will be very busy with the other restaurants. 

Their menu features everything from gourmet hot dogs to grilled cheese varieties along with sides and salads.

The business opens daily at 11 a.m., but they hope to make more changes.

"Probably starting at the end of November, we'll probably start offering breakfast, at least on the weekends," said Wegman. 

"We're just trying to be a unique place."

"The 507" restaurant is located at 526 South Front Street. 

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