KEYC - Couple Charged With Child Neglect Appears In Court

Couple Charged With Child Neglect Appears In Court

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The man and woman accused of dropping off a five-year-old boy in the woods near St. Peter as punishment for wetting himself will appear in court Tuesday morning. 
Officials say 42-year-old Lynda Michel and 32-year-old Gregory Wilson are charged with child neglect in Nicollet County District Court.
Both will have their first court appearance beginning at 10:45 a.m.
Authorities say the boy was found crying and wet from rain on August 28 walking south of St. Peter.
He told authorities that he had been dropped off because had been quote: naughty.
The couple told police they turned around after a short distance, but could not find him.
Police found the couple searching for the child, but they had not called to report him missing.
Court documents say the child was in protective custody following the incident.

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