KEYC - Pizza Partnership Helps North Mankato Fire Department

Pizza Partnership Helps North Mankato Fire Department

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Firefighters partnered with Dino's Pizza to deliver pizza, it was all part of firefighter appreciation day in North Mankato. $9.11 pizza and tips go to the firefighters who also worked to keep people safe along the way.
In its 12th year, the pizza partnership continues to provide a unique opportunity for North Mankato firefighters to get out in the community, not during an emergency.
"The kids absolutely love fire trucks, so the opportunity to see their faces light up and we get to show them around and climb on the fire trucks a little bit is a good thing," training officer Eric VanEps with the North Mankato Fire Department said. "It helps a lot because it grows comfortable with them. It's an intimidating thing, firefighters are intimidating so the more that we can make contact when things are calm the better it is because then when stressful situations come up they can fall back on when they got to see at school or whether it be a night like tonight, just getting to familiarize themselves with who we are and that we're real people and it's a nice connection to make."
"It's also a good training event for us where we get some guys behind the wheel, who don't really necessarily get a lot of time behind the wheel and once again in a non-emergency situation where there's a little less stress involved," Captain Cory Sletten added.
While it's fun, there's also a preventative component to the evening.

"We're out checking smoke alarms tonight and CO alarms, replacing batteries making sure things work, going through plans with people in the event that a fire or other emergency," Capt. Sletten added.
Of course, the night goes to a good cause.
"Typically we use this for safety equipment for our fire department. In year's past we've purchased reflective strips for the real of the fire trucks to make us a little more visible on the highway and the roadway, so people can see us so we can do our job a little more safely," Sletten said.
And the night is a hit, the community does a great job supporting the fire department each year.

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