KEYC - Clinic Receives Brand New 3D Breast Imaging Scanners

Clinic Receives Brand New 3D Breast Imaging Scanners

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MANKATO-- Mayo Clinic Health System at the Eastridge Clinic in Mankato introduced two brand new 3D Breast Imaging Scanners to their facilities.

Chair of Radiology Dr. Matthew Schaefer said the machines will give women in the area, a better chance at breast cancer detection.

"It's the newest technology, it's best for women who have dense breast and have a lot of tissue," said Schaefer.

" Now we have multiple images and we can kind of look at it and say that oh okay, that's not something we need to worry about."

The clinic received two 3D breast imaging scanners, each priced at $400,000, and bringing their total 3D machines to three.

The additions allow them to assist more patients efficiently.

Health officials said the 3D machines are more advanced than their 2D machines, because they take multiple images of the breast rather than just one.

Mammography Technician Melissa Lutter said the machine has the newest detector with the highest resolution, able to take two views of the breast. 

"This view would be called the Cranial Coddler, CC View, and then we can move the machine down so the second view is more of an oblique view, it's called the MLO," said Lutter. 

Another difference between the 2D and 3D machines is, the 3D machine arches over patients, while taking 15 images.

Fittingly, the clinic received the scanners during Breast Cancer Awareness month, a time where they usually see an uptick in patients.

"Obviously with everybody thinking about it, more women are liable to be able to like, 'I need my screening this year'," said Schaefer. 

" And so we always see a bump in business, but to have these machines up and running is awesome for us, because we want to have the best technology to best serve the community and patients."

Dr. Schaefer encourages women to get checked as soon as their provider recommends it.

He said the clients that use the 3D machines, may see an increase in cost, depending on their insurance. However, the machine will provide clearer results. 

Mayo Clinic Health System sites in Fairmont and New Prague also offer 3D mammography.

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