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Morgan Creek Vineyard's 20th Annual Great Grape Stomp Kicks off New Ulm Oktoberfest

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NEW ULM, Minn. -

New Ulm, Minn.--Music, wine, food, dancers and dirty feet.

Competitive style grape stomping saluted the growing season in a fest full of revelry.

But what keeps hundreds of people coming back year after year?
"That's really hard to pin down because we have great food... obviously the wine is fantastic." said Alexander Roth, Logistics at Morgan Creek Vineyards, "I would say Ben Marti and the grape stomp is incredibly funny."

The three stomps consist of 10 teams of three to five people. One team was formed right before the event.
"So when I got here I said 'I don't have a team, can I stomp'?" said Nancy Christensen.

Nancy, from the Twin Cites, was paired with Shelby and her mother Jean, who came all the way from Florida.
"She said 'Mama I wish you were here because we could go to a grape stomp' and I said 'sure' so I flew up here." said Jean Murphy, who was invited to the event by her daughter Shelby Kirkpatrick.

The unlikely partnership surprisingly placed second, only outdone by an experienced group.
"So last year we were extremely close and this year we knocked it out of the park." said Erin Sandmeyer.  "Last year we were the first losers." continued Dalaina Sandland.

Each team had a Renaissance Fest Dancer as a coach.

"And he told us to stomp slow and massage the grapes so that's what we did. And get inside. And pull from the inside. Pull from the edges. So that's what we did and we won!" said Sandmeyer.

The Stomp rock band, Satori Violet Belly Dancers and the black forest masked visitors provided entertainment however the companionship will be remembered for the longest.

"The thing I really like is meeting all the people here and really experiencing the as they say in German, the Gemutlichkeit." said Roth,  "Which is the coziness, the camaraderie of this event."

The stompers echoed his sentiment.

 "I think the spirit is just so high and everyone is having so much fun that seems like the most important thing." said Christensen,"Even though it's cold, it doesn't seem cold."

Whether you participated in the stomp or just enjoyed the wine and beer, it was a festive time for everyone. 

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