KEYC - Project Bike Realizes Woman's Dream of Celebrating MN Art

Project Bike Realizes Woman's Dream of Celebrating MN Art

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Mankato, Minn.--It started as an idea 6 years ago. The creator of the 410 Project in downtown Mankato decided to get a first-hand experience in seeing what goes on behind the canvas.
"We don't get the understanding when we're looking at a piece of art what really went into it, the story about the artist, where they make their work." said Dana Sikkila, executive director of the 410 Project and creator of Project Bike,  "So it was kind of like, how do we take something like biking, which Minnesota is known to be a super bike friendly state in Mankato especially, how can we combine that and art making and art practices and really connect people?"

The first year she admits that she had no clue what she was doing. She had never even ridden a bike for more than 2 days at a time. But thanks to the power of social media, people all over the country have tuned in.

"It's amazing that this grassroots project is getting people together and really advocating for the importance of arts in our state." said Sikkila.

This summer of the course of 17 days and spanning 960 miles, Sikkila collected 42 pieces of art from 15 artists.

"With this project you're having to think of yourself, how you're body is being affected, how you're brain is being affected, how you're communicating with artists." Sikkila said, "There's all these things that you can't control but you have to be able to be flexible and understand that this is kind of how life is and its super exciting."

The project also produces a short documentary that will be shown at the 410 Project tonight at 8 pm. The exhibition will be on display until October 19th. It will then travel to the Hennepin Theater in Minneapolis where it will be displayed and the film shown alongside it. 

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