KEYC - "Feel the Love" Project Gifts Family With Free Furnace

"Feel the Love" Project Gifts Family With Free Furnace

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NEW ULM--  As the temperatures drop, one New Ulm family is definitely feeling the love, after receiving a free furnace through Lennox's "Feel the Love" project.

Ahren's Heating and Air Conditioning Owner Veleda Cordes said they partnered with Lennox Industries to bring more to their community, including this donation to the Tietel family.

"We are installing a brand new furnace into this household, the Tietel family, at no cost to them," said Cordes. 

Lennox Industries Employee for Southern Minnesota Chad Harvey said his company has completed projects like this over the years, but this is the first year of "Feel the Love." 

" The reason for the change was they wanted to incorporate it into much more than just furnaces and air conditioners," said Harvey. 

" They also want to move into scholarships and other ways of helping families within our partners, our dealerships, like Ahren's Heating within their community."

Furnace Recipient Shelby Tietel was pleased to hear that her household would receive a free furnace. 
"I received a call from a lady, I was at a training at work at the time, and I answered, and she said you have been nominated to receive a free furnace," said Tietel.

" I was shocked and just kind of wow, who would've thought of us for this, but very very grateful for that phone call."

The Tietel family have dealt with many trials over the past years, including caring for their son Charlie.

The three-year-old child lives with a congenital heart disease. Charlie has had multiple surgeries, and currently sees 8 specialists.

He also must receive immune support every four weeks.
"Hearing the story that this family had, it's just wonderful to really help someone in the community," said Cordes. 

" I mean we help out a lot of people, but specifically here to be able to get them a brand new furnace when theirs was definitely old and failing, especially with winter coming on and the hardships that they've had." 

The Tietel family said the donation was a great help for their family financially. 

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