KEYC - Walz, Feehan Tour Local Family Farm

Walz, Feehan Tour Local Family Farm

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In an effort to connect with and better understand farmer's needs in Minnesota, Gubernatorial Candidate Tim Walz and Congressional District 1 Candidate Dan Feehan toured a local farm.

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association have been hosting 2018 candidates on family farms throughout Minnesota to develop relationships and create a greater understanding of modern farm practices.

"What's really beneficial about it is really getting that one on one kind of experience with the farmer," explained Amanda Bilek of Minnesota Corn Growers.  "Listening to the challenges that they face, the opportunities that they see and the ways that public policy also impacts the decisions that they make on their operation."

Tim Waibel is a farmer from the Courtland area.

He allowed Walz and Feehan to tour his family farm so his voice could be heard.

"I think we are in a critical time with agriculture here being the prices with where they are at, the tariff issues, there is a lot of head winds as far as all the trade issues there and so many issues with transportation.  I have a highway out here closed with water on it, I live right on Highway 14.  14 is a really busy highway," said farm owner Tim Waibel.

By offering these first hand experiences to people who could potentially hold office in the near future, corn farmers hope they make future policy decisions based on science and research, while understanding the significant importance of corn farmers to the state's economy.

"Our farms have to be family farms," explained District 1 Congressional Candidate Dan Feehan.  "We have to make sure that's something that's allowed to continue.  When you have a family farm, that's your whole life.  So that's not just talking about what's going on out with the crops, it's talking about issues with healthcare, taxes, trades and things that are both close to home and far away that impact the farm economies lives."

"Let's control the things we can," said Gubernatorial Candidate Tim Walz.  "Let's get a farm bill done on time.  We have programs now shut down that folks are counting on that they in good faith signed up for and now that the farm bill expired some of those programs are stopping.  They are saying let's get this trade figured out.  Again, farm families are like all families.  They care about healthcare.  They care about education."

Waibel believes this program can go a long ways to helping local farmers.

"It's good that they can put a face with the name," said Waibel.  "It's good that they can actually come out and see what is happening on our farms."

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