KEYC - Food Friday: Welsh Heritage Farms

Food Friday: Welsh Heritage Farms

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LAKE CRYSTAL--  Welsh Heritage Farms Apple Orchard and Pie Shop gave the "in-cider" on why they are one of the best places to get apples in southern Minnesota.
The business opened in 1981. Co-Owner and Manager Liberty Warren said her in-laws started the community-loved business.
"We've got a 'you-pick' orchard available, so customers can come out and pick apples here," said Warren.

" We make wonderful pies, cider doughnuts, cider. We grow about 18 varieties of apples here. We have 2,000 trees on 10 acres, so everything apple here."

Along with the many treats, the business holds family-fun events, and have hard cider house just for adults. 

With the many apples here, it can be difficult choosing just one, Welsh Heritage Farms offers sampling of their crisp and fresh apples. 

Employee Debbie Behnke said some people like sweet apples, while others may like more tart ones, so it is important to let them try the different fruits. 
"When people come in here, they can expect to taste the samples that we have currently for sale on our sales floor," said Behnke.

" All of our apples are picked from our orchard, we pick them every day, there's a certain season for each one."
Welsh Heritage Farms has so much to offer from their hand-picked apples to original sauces, cheeses, and take and bake pies.

Most of the baked treats begin in the Sugar and Spice Room, where the pies and Apple Cider doughnuts are created on separate sides of the room.

However, all of this hard work was not possible without dedicated workers.
"I just can't say enough about the hard work that people do here," said Warren.

" It's absolutely wonderful and we just feel that we provide a really good family fun experience to come out here."
Welsh Heritage Farms closes the day before Thanksgiving and reopens earlier the following year. If people are craving pies and cheese, they can head over to their sister business in St. Peter, The Cheese and Pie Mongers.  

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