Q: If my soap opera is pre-empted, will I be missing anything?
A: With Some exception, if an episode is pre-empted in it's entirety, that episode will be aired by CBS the following day in it's usual time slot. If an episode is partially pre-empted, CBS will join the remainder of the program in progress and the pre-empted portion will not be aired again.

Q: How can I get a copy of something that aired on the news?
A: Click Here.

Q: At what time is the web site updated?
A: Typically the stories begin to be published within half an hour of the news cast. Due to technical details and personnel issues times may very. The news casts should be posted, at latest, two hours after the end of the show. If it hasn't been posted by that time it will most likely be posted by the end of business the next day (this should only happen due to extreme technical difficulties).

Q: How can I advertise on
A: Click here to get the details.

Q: Why isn't My KEYC News 12 Weather App Working correctly?

A: Please send a description of your problem to so we can troubleshoot the issue and get back to you.

Q: Why is the temperature blank on "Mankato Current Conditions"?
A: We receive our temperature reading from the Mankato Airport. If their equipment is not working we cannot receive a current temperature reading. Unfortunately we have to wait for them to fix this problem before our current temperature for Mankato can be restored.